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EXCLUSIVE: Abduction News talks to Denzel Whitaker about ABDUCTION!

In preparation for Abduction’s release this month I was able to speak to Denzel Whitaker who co-stars in the film with Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins. I included some of your questions submitted to me via Facebook and Twitter, too!

Abduction News: Can you describe your role in ABDUCTION?

Denzel Whitaker: My character Gilly is Nathan (Taylor Lautner’s) best friend. Gilly is just that all-around chill dude who likes to have fun.  He’s a bit shady, too! He dabbles in some illegal things, but more like ‘teen angst’ shady. He’s the man you go to if you need things.  However, he’s also extremely loyal and will do anything for his friends.

AN: It looks like there were a lot of stunts in the film - does your character have any stunts, and if so did you do them yourself?

DW: I wish I could say Gilly nearly escapes bad-ass explosions and takes down an army of goons…. but he doesn’t. I did get to do a little action work but I consider it a fraction of what you’re going to see. However, working on an action set and doing fun little stunts is always great because no matter how many safety measures they have in place, there’s always that rush of doing something you never really get the chance to do at your leisure. Hell yeah, I want to do more!

AN: Were there any on-set pranks or antics while you were there?

DW: None that I remember. I’m sure there were though. You gotta watch out for the grip department, they usually love to play pranks on set!

AN: What was your favorite scene to film in ABDUCTION?

DW: My favorite scene to film? The party scene! We had a lot of fun that day acting crazy and it was just a great location to film. We truly wanted to throw a party there once we had finished filming that day. I mean, why not, it was already decorated and set up, right?

AN: What is your favorite part of making movies in general?

DW: I always enjoy the creative high from making movies. It’s always great to have a group of people together, anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, working on something they all believe in, and just having fun making the best product we can. There’s nothing better than that to me and it is the main reason why I like this business.

AN: Pittsburgh gets a LOT of love in ABDUCTION - where were some of your favorite local places while you were there?

DW: Pittsburgh also showed us a lot of love while filming. Some of the fans were giving me recommendations on where to go . PRIMANTI BROS. was a great hang out to go and get some late night grub! I like Carson Street. Every time I visit I always like to go out on my off days and cruise down the street to South Side. Shout out to SHOP 412! Great place for cool threads and kicks. Oh and Waterfront was cool, too!

AN: Have you seen the final cut of ABDUCTION yet? If so, what did you think? And if not, will you get to see it soon?

DW: No, I haven’t seen the final cut of the movie yet, only bits and pieces when I go in for ADR. As much as I want to see it now, I enjoy waiting to see the final product closer to its release date as it keeps me just as intrigued as the fans. It’s like in your head you know what you shot and how it was on set but there’s nothing more exciting than seeing it all be retold fresh at the premiere with everyone else.

AN: Aside from ABDUCTION and WARRIOR - both released this month - are there any other upcoming projects we will see you in soon?

DW: I’m in development working on an indie-drama called ‘Killing Familiar’. It’ll be the first feature that I direct. Myself and the team have been dropping little insights on the project through Twitter. It’s a project I’m really excited about because like I mentioned above, it’s something I’m apart of from the absolute roots to it’s presentation.

Huge thanks to Denzel and his team for helping make this interview happen! You can follow Denzel on Twitter (@blackmouf), and be sure to check him out in September 9th’s WARRIOR with Tom Hardy before Abduction’s release on the 23rd!